Battery Backup Systems

Calumet City Battery Backup System Installation

With technology growing every day, more and more of our appliances depend on the free flow of energy for power. So, when the power goes out, you are at risk of losing more than just your cellphone charger. In fact, you could lose access to your water heater, HVAC system, refrigerator and freezer, entertainment system, and more! Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through the damaging effects of power outages any longer. Instead, contact our energy experts at Millennium Solar Electric Inc. Our skilled electricians install high-quality electric battery backup systems to homes, businesses, and industrial properties throughout Calumet City and surrounding areas.

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Never Lose Power Again

When looking for a whole-home battery backup solution, you want to turn to a trusted company that only uses the best systems on the market. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve seen the industry advance and always stay at the cutting edge to offer our customers the highest quality solutions on the market. This commitment to quality means that customers will reap the full benefits of a battery backup system.

Benefits of battery backup systems include:

  • Keep your home powered, even during an outage: Power outages can be costly and dangerous, so keep the lights on, even during a power outage, with a battery backup system.
  • Maximize your home’s energy: Instead of pulling energy from the grid, utilize the stored energy in your own space.
  • Reduce your energy bills: Because you are more energy independent, you are more likely to save on monthly energy bills, as you aren’t extracting energy from your city’s system.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Energy independence reduces your reliance on the grid and creates a more sustainable property—leading to a more environmentally-friendly property.
  • Increase the longevity of your electric appliances: Power outages can have surprising effects on your appliances, especially if they aren’t protected—reducing their usable lifespan. Luckily, with a battery backup, your appliances can stay on and be turned off properly.
  • Fast, easy, and affordable professional installation: Our experts want to make professional installation as quick and hassle-free as possible to make battery backup systems accessible to our entire community.

How Long Can A Battery Backup Provide Power During An Outage?

When power outages occur you don't need to worry. A battery backup system can last up to 2 days depending on how conservative you are with your electricity. If you pair a battery backup with a solar panel system, this can last much longer than the 2 day time period.

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Whole-Home Battery Backup Solutions

Even if you don’t have a solar system installed for your property, you can enjoy these benefits. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your space, gauge your specific energy requirements, and design a customized battery backup configuration to match your needs. We happily offer modular backup systems, so if your needs grow or change, we can update your system easily.

With both electric and solar-powered backup solutions, we’re confident we can find the perfect solution for your space, with no property being too big or small for our team. Millennium Solar Electric Inc. has been Calumet City’s most trusted energy experts for over 20 years, and we are ready to get to work right away. From battery backup systems and generator installation to electric panel upgrades and solar panel installation, our team has you covered.


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