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Solar Energy Services in Calumet City

Your Property, Powered By the Sun

Adding a solar unit to your home or office can be both an attractive and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint, increase the value of your property, and save on energy bills. And, with over 65,000 new solar energy systems being installed annually because of their increased affordability and hefty government incentive programs, now is the time to update your home or office with a solar photovoltaic system.

For help choosing the best option for your property’s needs, call our Calumet City solar installation experts at (708) 556-2665 today. Millennium Solar Electric Inc. is here to help!

      Types of Solar Energy Systems

      To make a wise investment in a new solar energy system, it is important to do your research first. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of information that we think you should know before going solar.

      Monocrystalline Silicon

      Mono-silicon is by far the most common type of solar unit because they generate the most energy per inch. Their biggest drawback, however, is their bulk. This limits your overall capacity but, due to their efficient design (generating an average of 7 percent more electricity than other types of systems), just a few panels will usually be sufficient.

      Polycrystalline Silicon

      These panels are slightly less efficient than monocrystalline, because of their smaller size and lower levels of silicon. But, because they cheaper to manufacture, the savings are passed to the consumer.

      Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

      This new solar design is built with aesthetics in mind. Solar shingles, for example, are made to resemble the shingles on a house which creates a seamless transition between building material and solar unit. Some BIPV can even be used to replace other building materials which can help offset the cost in new construction.

      Solar Promotes Energy Independence

      Unlike fossil fuels which are heavily taxed, the sun is all around us and thus belongs to us all. Through the use of solar technology systems, we can therefore reduce our dependence on this variable market without sacrificing our hot showers.

      Learn more about your options when you contact our solar panel experts in Calumet City today.


      The right model will depend on how much electricity you use, how much you want to spend on your system, and how long you want to wait before you recover your return. You should also take a look at some of the government incentives and rebates available that may offset your purchase price entirely!

      Decrease or Eliminate Your Electric Bill Today

      At Millennium Solar Electric Inc., our unique business model allows us to offer the most sophisticated energy generation and conservation products at the most competitive prices on the market. Additionally, our Millennium Solar System and Wind Turbine are eligible in most states for government incentives that will significantly reduce your investment costs.

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      Millennium Solar Grid-Tied Solar Systems

      Grid-tied systems do not use batteries! The panels work by producing DC power during sunlight hours and converting it to AC power through an inverter. The inverter then feeds the load required by the home, before pushing the remaining AC power through a "net meter" out to the grid.

      Net meters are provided by your utility company when you install the system. The net meter is a bi-directional electric meter that spins forward as usual when you are using more power in your home than you are producing with your panels (at night, for instance), and spins BACKWARD when you are producing more electricity than you are using in your home. This is how you generate credits with your utility!

      Millennium Solar Solar Systems come with everything that you need except installation costs, wire, and an electrical disconnect switch.

      **The following price is before state, utility rebates, and fed tax credit up to $2,000.00 or more.**


        • 5- 220 Watt PV panels, 1100 Peak Watts (UL Listed and CEC Listed)
        • 1-Flush Mount Roof Racking System
        • 5-220 Watt Enphase Microinverters (UL Listed and CEC Listed)
        • Only $4,400.00 (shipping not included)


        • 19-235 Watt PV panels, 2055 Peak Watt (UL Listed and CEC Listed)
        • 1-Flush Mount Roof Racking System
        • 9-235 Watt Enphase Microinverters (UL Listed and CEC Listed)
        • Only $8,220.00 (shipping not included)


        • 13-235 Watt PV panels, 3055 Peak Watt (UL Listed and CEC Listed)
        • 1-Flush Mount Roofing Ranking System
        • 13-235 Watt Enphase microinverters (UL Listed and CEC Listed)
        • Only $14,200.00 (shipping not included


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