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Calumet City Solar Battery Backup Systems

Whole-Home Solar Power Energy Storage Solutions For Calumet City

Solar battery backup systems make solar panels more versatile and accessible than ever before. These backup systems store solar energy, allowing you to utilize your solar panels to their fullest, and also protects you from power outages. Our certified and highly experienced team at Millennium Solar Electric Inc. offers the most advanced battery backup solutions to homes, businesses, and industrial properties throughout Calumet City and surrounding areas.

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Professional Solar Backup Installation

Even if you’re not interested in going completely off the grid, a battery backup system is a great way for you to reap the most rewards from your solar system. These backups work like a bank, storing electricity created by your solar panels, so if the weather turns for the worse, or your grid experiences a power outage, you can still enjoy your clean, renewable energy.

At Millennium Solar Electric Inc., we utilize the best backup systems on the market, and can scale our solutions to even the largest industrial properties, so no matter your power needs, we can meet them.

Benefits of a solar battery backup system:

  • Keep the lights on during a power outage: Because most solar panels are still connected to your city’s grid, when the grid goes down, so does your power. Not the case when you have a battery backup. When your solar panels are producing energy, excess is moved from your home to your battery and then finally, to the grid—so, if the grid experiences a power outage, you can still enjoy power from your system, without added costs to you.
  • Save more money: With a battery backup you are utilizing more of your free, renewable energy. This means depending less on the grid—saving you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Scalable solutions: Our team has a variety of products to match whatever your energy needs are, and can scale and upgrade these systems when your needs grow or change.

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Keep the Lights on with Our Backup Systems

Solar is more than a job to us. It is a way for our team to leave a positive and lasting impact on our community. We are proud to be Calumet City’s most trusted solar company and have two decades of industry-leading experience, solving our neighbors’ every solar problem.

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