Community Solar

Calumet City Community Solar Services

Becoming a “green” property demonstrates both a commitment to long-lasting quality while also saving you money on utility bills—and going green is now easier than ever for industrial properties thanks to our team at Millennium Solar Electric Inc. We are able to plan, design, and execute a seamless solar installation, and are up to date on the various incentives and rebates that industrial and utility properties can enjoy, to help you keep the savings coming. In addition to our solar installation services, we offer a variety of other solar and electric solutions to keep your property’s energy flowing smoothly. If you own or manage a property in Calumet City or any of the surrounding areas and are ready to save big on your operating costs, contact our certified solar professionals. We have over two decades of industry experience and will provide high-quality, customized solar solutions to properties big and small.

Our team can find the perfect, customized solar solution for your space, with no project too big or small. Call us today at (708) 556-2665.

Benefits of Installing Solar on Your Industrial Property

While Illinois isn’t known for a sunny climate, you can still reap the benefits of solar panels in our area. Our team uses the most advanced photovoltaic systems on the market to take advantage of sunny days and proudly installs battery backup units to store that energy if the clouds roll in. If you are still wondering if solar is right for your industrial space, our knowledgeable team is sharing some of the many pros to installation.

Benefits of solar panel installation includes:

  • Lower electricity costs: Factories and production facilities are large spaces that have high power demands. Solar panel systems can offset your energy costs dramatically, with the system often paying for itself quickly. By producing your own energy and selling excess back to the grid, you start saving right away.
  • Decrease your dependency on the grid: Instead of other properties that are at the whim of the utility company, you will no longer have to ride out the increases in power costs that happen seasonally, helping you further cut costs.
  • Show your customers you care: Solar solutions are more than simply “trendy”, it is a way for you to demonstrate to your community that you care about the future and lowering your carbon footprint. This commitment to “going green” builds a positive brand image to both shareholders and customers alike.
  • Increase property value: It’s natural for businesses to grow and change and your property should grow with it. Luckily, once you install solar panels, it’s been shown to dramatically boost property value, because high-quality solar solutions—when installed by a professional—can last up to 25 years.

We offer free estimates on our solar services. Call us at (708) 556-2665 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment.

Professional Solar Solutions You Can Count On

It is our business to help properties throughout Calumet City and the larger surrounding areas find reliable, affordable, and long-lasting energy solutions. Our team works hard to remain on the cutting edge of solar technology to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products available. Additionally, we continue to build on our time-tested techniques to guarantee a durable and seamless installation. When you are ready to make solar a part of your property, our team at Millennium Solar Electric Inc. has the tools and expertise to get it done quickly and cleanly.


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