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Photovoltaic Instructor
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John Nunez is born and raised in the Southside of Chicago, graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a bachelors in Community Health in 2009. After having a 6 year layoff, I decided to visit my hometown in Puerto Rico right after Hurricane Maria. After seeing the devastation, I knew I wanted to try and help make a difference. Still struggling to find my path during my stay in Puerto Rico I read about the great work AKON was doing with Solar Energy providing energy power to millions of people in Africa piquing my interest in that career. After speaking to a best friend about my goals and interest in the solar field he presented me with a blessing of an opportunity to join the first ever FEJA (Future Energy Job Act) solar training program that was given by MSETA and partners in 2017. The FEJA training was a 12-week program I earned my NCCER Solar PV certifications along with the NABCEP PV Associate certification. The industry most prestige solar certification. Since graduating my focus has been dedicated to renewable energies, I was able to obtain employment from Millennium Solar Electric Inc., the founding company of MSETA. I was able to begin work on a project with the Chicago House Authority (CHA) installing over 750,000 DC kWh. Starting off as an installer then was able to obtain a lead solar position prior to the completion of the solar project, promoted to assistant instructor for the Millennium Solar Training Academy and now helps manage MSE-TA daily operations.